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Well, some unusual and uncommon things never ever web can entertain your nerves if you have a look on the particular page mentioned in the link. You can not trust your eyes when you will see how the artists associated with Authorities have drawn the famous characters from widely known literature. Essentially , hearing the descriptions of the well-known characters, as they are composed in the pages of the books the artists have given effort to draw them exactly what they do for the examinations. The page is definitely a fascinating one for the knowledge thirsty persons who love nurturing some uncommon realities. Go to the page and collect some more knowledge . More read @ mymodernmet
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The Composites: Website
Brian J. Davis: Website
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Lisbeth Salander, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, written by Stieg Larsson

Jack Torrance, The Shining, written by Stephen King

Annie Wilkes, Misery, written by Stephen King
Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Lux Lisbon, The Virgin Suicides, written by Jeffrey Eugenides
Count Dracula, Dracula, written by Bram Stoker


Marla Singer, Fight Club, written by Chuck Palahniuk
Norman Bates, Psycho, written by Robert Bloch

Tom Ripley, The Talented Mr. Ripley, written by Patricia Highsmith
Javert, Les Misrables, written by Victor HugoChristian Grey, Fifty Shades of Grey, written by E. L. James


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