Really wonderful norway trolltunga

From middle of June to middle of September, take a getaway to Norway for visiting Trolltunga, a beast bit of rock which holds on a level aircraft beyond a mountain above a big portion of a mile from the earth. The round-trip climb will earn you amidst 8 to 10 hours yet it’s certainly warranted regardless of the outing on the grounds that the viewpoint is downright stupendous. A standout among the most spectacular picturesque bluffs in the nation of Norway, Trolltunga indicates “The Troll ‘s Tongue” as a result of its uncommon, bulging shape. The precipice was framed amid ice age , approximately 10,000 ages back, when cold water strengthened huge swellings of the mount and after that severed. This cleared out a surprisingly strange looking rock extension.

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Photo : Digernes


Photo: Opplev Odda Hardanger

Photo: Robin evck

Photo: Zhuokang Jia

Photo: Jarle Langker Grindhaug

Photo: Svetlana Shupenko

Photo: Alexander Artworkx

Photo: Opplev Odda Hardanger

Photo: Opplev Odda Hardanger

Photo: OpplevOdda

Photo: Opplev Odda Hardanger

Photo: Opplev Odda Hardanger


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