9-Refreshing Photos by 16-year-old Spanish photographer Cristina Otero

Cristina Otero is popular Spanish photographer from around the world. She has made the worldwide web shaking due to her zoomed in self-portraits. For example, she used quite few fruits in order to create inspirational and incredible images on her face.

With experience of 2.5 years, she was just 16-year-old captivated us with the zoomed in self-portraits. Her fruits’ inspiration disrupted the conventional notions of feminine beauty. Moreover, she interacted with different fruits in a seductive performance for the camera. Based on these, she drew the viewer with her wide including innocent eyes. So, this bold was striking colors of her make-up complement each fruit.

In period of an interview, it is cited that she loved to photograph the human face “It’s like a dictionary of emotions and ideas, all you want in a person is there, written on her face, so easy to decipher”. Her own face was used as the canvas creating refreshed photos. That is, they are extraordinarily eye-catching with self-portraits being been filled with personality.

Spanish photographer Cristina Otero1 Spanish photographer Cristina Otero2 Spanish photographer Cristina Otero3


Spanish photographer Cristina Otero5

Spanish photographer Cristina Otero7

Spanish photographer Cristina Otero9


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