Selling House, Cars and Other Possessions to become a Photographer

Everyone always has a dream in their life but many of them fail to achieve their dream because they do not believe that they can do it because they think that their dream is too big to reach. But no matter how big is your dream you must believe it and keep chasing it and sooner or later you will achieve it. Here in this post I am going to show you a man who decided to sell everything in order to achieve his dream. He sold his house, cars and other possessions to buy a 30 ft Airstream and with this he can travel and sleep anywhere he likes to capture all the fascinating things. His dream is make a living as a professional photographer and now his dream comes true.

More info: / boredpanda

Everyday , i have a dream want become a professional landscape photographer , and now ,this is how making it happen ! while i’m travelling America.


I was always the one to tell people to pursue their dreams, so I decided to take my own advice


We sold our home, most of your possessions and buy Airstream 30 feet that we can all live in ease



But when we tell other people what we do, their eyes opened and I could see we were doing the right thing



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