The bad effects of Smart Phone to the People Relationship


As we are now living in the Information Technology then technological tool plays very important roles in people’s life. Nowadays, smart phone is the most popular communication tool large number of people is using it. This stress a concern to Shiyah he, a designer in advertising agency Ogilvy’s Beijing office, that the more people connect to the internet and smart phone the least they connect to their family member and friends. Like you can see in the photos, they are the advertisement highlighting the bad effect of the smart phone on the human relationship. The bottom line of this series ads is “The More You Connect, The Less You Connect” What is your reaction to this?

More Info: Behance/Via boredpanda


anti-smartphone-ads-shiyang01 anti-smartphone-ads-shiyang02 anti-smartphone-ads-shiyang03 Source Images : Oglivy


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