The Amazing Body Art by Gesine Marwedel

This is another post featuring body pain again. Like I have mentioned in the previous posts that art take many forms at many places depending on the passion of each artist. Now I am going to show you another fascinating body art created by German artist Gesine Marwedel. She has wisely used transform the shapes of the human’s body into other types of animals depending on the shapes of the body. The bodies are beautifully painted with the pictures of animals and birds. Here are the 10 most beautiful body arts she has done. How do you feel when seeing this art?
Flamingo by Gesine Marwedel ©Flamingo_01
Photo by Thomas van de Wall
Pelican by Gesine Marwedel ©
Pelican_02Photo by Thomas van de Wall
Brain by Gesine Marwedel ©
Brain_03Photo by Thomas van de Wall
Heart by Gesine Marwedel ©
Heart_04Photo by Mateusz Rzeeuski
Separation by Gesine Marwedel ©
Separation_05Photo by Thomas van de Wall
Pen Swan by Gesine Marwedel ©
Pen-Swan_06Photo by Andreas Broich
Dolphin by Gesine Marwedel ©
Dolphin_07Photo by Timm Ortmüller
Hummingbird by Gesine Marwedel ©
Hummingbird_08Photo by Thomas van de Wall
More Info:Gesine Marwedel |Gesine Marwedel on Facebook  Via : themost10


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