The amazing story of the zombie Ants and the Beer

BEER can be used as a bait to catch an exotic ant to sterilize their queen and turn the colony into zombies. The exploring ant was found eating on the yeast and sugar of the beer bottles that are broken at the Port of Darwin at East Arm by vigilant wharfies in July. The wharfies reported the strange finding, trying to introduce a multiple government detector sniffer dog program. The browsing ant has a large threat to the food chain of native creatures and might have originated from East Timor. Minister Willem Westra van of the Primary Industry Holthe introduced three-year-old labrador detector dog Willow as a powerful weapon against the insect and was not surprised at how the exotic ants were found.Ant_002


Browsing ant. Picture: Erin Prado/

More info : Zombie Aussie ants lured by beer  /dailytelegraph


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