The Fear of the Ethiopian girls

Many of the Ethiopian girls are living in continuous fears of abduction, rape, and forced marriage is a way of life. Over all, about 70 percent of all marriages in this country is going on this way. Sadly, the fact is that it came as no surprise when one young 12-year-old little girl was abducted and forced to get married. But it is fortunate for this young little girl as a group of fearless hunters came to her rescue. The very large beasts were worried when they saw the girl who is being beaten and assaulted, so they charged at the men and persuade her away from them by doing this she could live and rest under their protection.


Flickr / William Warby


desktop-1444966540_002Flickr / Philippe Rouzet


Flickr / Tambako The Jaguar

More Info | viralnova | NBC News.


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