Great Ocean Photograpy by arren Keelan

Warren Keelan is one of the photographers who has been passionate about taking photos of the beauty and wonder of the ocean. He was born and grows up in South East Australia. When he got his digital camera for the last four years, he gained his appreciation and inspiration to dedicate his time and effort to create the images about the ocean. He says he is very lucky as he lives in Wollongong NSW Australia where there are so many diffrent beaches and breaks for great photography. The all uniquely feature striking landscapes and wonder. Here is collection of the ocean he has created.

Source : | Instagram | Facebook | 500px (boredpanda )


the-Ocean-Images-created-from-water-light-Warren-Keelan011 the-Ocean-Images-created-from-water-light-Warren-Keelan044 the-Ocean-Images-created-from-water-light-Warren-Keelan66 the-Ocean-Images-created-from-water-light-Warren-Keelan089 the-Ocean-Images-created-from-water-light-Warren-Keelan223


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