The Iconic Lion Cecil, the biggest attraction at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, got killed by Illegal hunting

Lions are considered as the most powerful and animals and are considered and the king of the animals. They are also entitled the extreme killing machines. However, lions are also in danger since there are many illegal hunting breaking out. The beautiful lion in the photos below named Cecil is 13 years old who is considered as the iconic Lion King and biggest attraction of the Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Cecil was chosen to be studied by scientists from Oxford University. It was attached with GPS at his neck to track his movements. Here are more photos of this adorable lion Cecil.

Cecil_the_Lion_King-wcth02-03mage Sources: Ed Hetherington
Cecil_the_Lion_King-wcth02-01Image Sources: Brent Stapelkamp


Cecil_the_Lion_King-wcth04-05Image sources: Brent Stapelkamp

Cecil_the_Lion_King-wcth02-07Image Sources: Ken Watkins

LionImage sources: Brent Stapelkamp

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More Info: h/t iso.500px.comstunning wildlife photography


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