The Incredible Motorbike Stunt On the Wave

You may have seen a lot of car and bike stunts on the streets and you are also aware that stunning is not an easy job that everyone can do since it is deadly dangerous. If we are not talented and careful enough we will lose our life in a minute. Now I am going to show you one big bike stunning which is the weirdest of all. Robbie Maddison is an Australian motorbike stunning but this time he is not stunning on the street but on giant waves of Tahiti. Please see the photos and video below to understand more about his crazy stunt.

Motor-Surfer-wcth07-640x420(001)Image source: DC Shoes Pipe dream


Motor-Surfer-wcth07-640x420(003)Image Source: DC Shoes Pipe dream

Motor-Surfer-wcth07-640x420(002)Image ‘Source: DC Shoes Pipe dream

Image Source: DC Shoes Pipe dream



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