The incredibly amazing house building on the crater of the volcano of Arizona

To draw the attention of the public, all the artists must be creative, talented and patient in combination with their imagination which means that if they cannot creates something unique and news they will be locked in a place. They can go nowhere. And now I am going to introduce you one of the world talented, creative and adventurous artists James Turrell who has been working hard over past 40years to build houses on the caters of the Volcano of Arizona. James Turrell had bought the volcano and the surrounding land aiming to transform the cinder cone into a gigantic open air work of art composing of a naked-eye observatory at the inner core, where guests could view and experience sky-light, solar, and celestial. Here are the photos of this incredible house on the volcano. Reading More  

You may check at short movie on vimeo.

roden-crater-5[6](01)Photo Source
roden-crater-1[2](05)Photo Source
roden-crater-5[6](04)Photo Source: James Turrell



Photo Source: James Turrell


Photo Source: James Turrell
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