The Photography of Discarded Vehicles by Paterson


As the world technology now is running to its top advancement a lot of thing are being manufactured and updated while leaving behind the old stuff. To raise the awareness of the world regarding the discarded vehicles, one of the talented New Zealand artists PJ Paterson’s is working with his project that is entitled “Glory”. The project is specifically about the abandoned vehicles like cars and bicycles. This project is depicting the wastefulness of the people with their money on buying vehicles. When the new model cars come, people are trying to sell their old one and buy the new one and as the result. There is a mountain of old vehicles discarding.

More info : via [Nevver] via [L’oeil] Via (junk-culture )


Paterson 01 (1) Paterson 01 (2) Paterson 01 (3) Paterson 01 (4) Paterson 01 (5)

Source Image : © PJ Paterson


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