The World Striking Place of Boca Chica Key

Boca Chica Key is located 4.8 km east of the island of Key West which is situated itself 244 km southwest of Miami. Boca Chica Key is the island of the lower Florida Keys that houses the biggest Naval Air Station in south Florida and it is featuring plenty of salt marches. Historically, in 1823 the US Naval Base was established there to decrease there to stop the piracy cases as Lower Keys were the major places where many of the rich businessmen transporting and trading their products so it was the prey for the notorious pirates such as Blackbeard and Captain William Kidd, who used the Florida Keys as a base from which to prey on shipping lanes. Here are the photos of this amazing place of Boca Chica Key. More Reaging



Credit: Wikipedia / Naval Technology. All images courtesy of |Conchscooter


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