Top 9 Most Charming Cats around the World

There are many types of animals that people like to keep as their pets in their home. These animals include dogs, fishes, birds, lizards, cats…etc. Different people like to keep different pets but in this pet I am not going to detail all pets but focus specifically on the most popular pet that people around the world like to keep. Can you guess what pet is it? The answer is absolutely the dogs but he it is just the second, the first is the cats. And here I am going to show 10 most beautiful cats that have been bred carefully to ensure that they are impressive and charming.

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#1-Persian Cat

Persian-CatPersian Cat

#2-Siamese Cat


Siamese Cat

#3- Turkish Van Cat

Turkish-Van-Cat-4Turkish Van Cat

#4- British Shorthair Cat

British-Shorthair-Cat-5British Shorthair Cat

#5- Birman Cat

Birman-Cat-6Birman Cat

#6-American Bobtail Cat

American-Bobtail-Cat-7American Bobtail Cat

#7 Bombay Cat

Bombay-Cat-8Bombay Cat

#8- Cymric Cat

Cymric-Cat-9Cymric Cat

#9-Himalayan Cat

Himalayan-Cat-10Himalayan Cat

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