Top 5 celebrities having their Boob Implant and their dare to reveal it

In Hollywood, beauty is the most important things and this is the reason why plastic surgery has become very favored by many celebrities’ lives. It is bit amusing as no one dare or accept the fact that they have surgery. Here are the top 5 celebrities who have breast implant and they dare the reveal it.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag


Heidi Montag is one of the youngest and most famous celebrities and the fact about her is that she has been undergoing quite a couple of enhancement procedures. She has clearly been quoted as saying that she is beyond impressed with being excellent. She had her breast surgery done soon after starting her role on The Hills, but she did go for it in 2009 once to help increase her breast sizes to DDD cup. Now look at her photograph she is really sexy and charming. And she is brave enough to accept that she had her boob surgery.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham first had her breast surgery in 1999. Her boob went from a very flat 34A to a curvy 34D. But for, pop diva, it is not satisfied for her so 2 years later she decided to have operation again to increase her boobs to a 34DD. Unfortunately her frame was not big enough that these boobs looked embarrassing and in 2009 she had totally achieved with a nice 34B. Look at her photograph; I guess you will be deeply in love with her beauty especially her sexy breast.


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is considered as one of the famous celebrities who have undergoing through a couple of surgery over the years to make her look much more attractive. But whenever we think of her, she is some kind of a poster kid for fake breast. Back in the 90s, she had her jaw dropped when posed for playboy with her massive hooters. Then her supporters were too surprised in 1999 when she had those breasts removed, but later on she had another change of heart and got her large boobs back in 2004.She is now very sexy and attractive. Look at her photo!!!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker was very well known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on the hit cable series Sex and the City she is also famous for her perfect style. This is because SJP has such a deep passion of couture which she made decision to undergo boob enhancement as her chest was so flat is was not big and satisfied enough canvas for clothing. Well, guess what? She is charmingly beautiful and impressive as she has sexy breast. Look at one of her photos, you will at once fall deep in her love.

Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller--00 Source

She is one of the most popular celebrities and what really exciting about her is that she is honest and brave. She is also the one who has breath implant and she is different from the others. While many people are hiding this fact, Phyllish Diller instead reveals it bravely and honestly. Nowadays, most celebs don’t even bother hiding the fact they’ve had work done. The fact is that having surgery is is encouraged by agents and managers as it is the key to keep their career for long.

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