Top Ten Bridesmaids That actually Stole Rob Your Wedding Party

Celebrities are those who are internationally famous for their respective talent or skills and this fame follow them wherever they go. And this is not surprising as it is naturally true. So being a friend with a celebrity is not good sometimes. For instance, when you have a particular celebration and you want him/her join it. You will be possibly disappointed since most of your guests will be paying attention to the celebrity not you. Here are the top 10 celebrities that tried not to get attention but they failed to do it.

                           Rachel McAdams



One of the most beautiful woman celebrities who is working for Hollywood nowadays is Rachel McAdams. She is extremely charming if you just have a look at her. Rachel During her sister marriage, McAdams asked her sister to be a maid and she very thrilled to fill the role. She dressed up in a blue beautiful which was ridiculously flattering to the actress. Rachel McAdams was tearing during this celebration as it was believed that she was too happy. The whole attention of the guests didn’t go much to Rachel McAdams’ sister but to her herself.

        Nicky and Paris Hilton


Having a world famous celebrity in your wedding is absolutely both surprisingly amazing but as you can see in the photograph how wonderful it is for the bride who is having two most famous celebrities as her bridesmaids in her wedding. They are Nicky and Paris Hilton, and then some “lower-level” celebrity bridesmaid’s cousins Farrah, Sophia, Alexia, and Portia from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They still look very charmingly impressive though they are not wearing the fancy and expensive dress. But remember that the attention of the audience will not much be on the bride but on the bridesmaids .

                Eva longoria

This is absolutely amazing since these beautiful actresses can turn a boring bridesmaids dress into something attractive that could be worn on the red carpet. Eva longoria is the one who is producing this seafoam green Jenny Yoo strapless floor length gown look far more beautiful than it is used to be. It is even more impressive especially the belt that she added. It is very nice. It was not her weeding but it was the wedding held especially for her friend Alina Peralta and it was taking place in Cordoba, Spain.


How will you feel if Rihanna becomes your close friend and boss? And it is your wedding and you want you invite her to be our bridesmaid. Jennifer Rosale is a personal assistant as well a best friend for Rihanna. Look at the photograph. Rihanna does stands out among the group due to her attitude and gorgeous lilac Badgley Mischka gown. It is of course very nice and fun to have her as your bridesmaid but the thing is that she will steal the attention of your guests.

                     Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is one of the world famous artists who has been recognized by millions of people around the world for her sexy beautiful and performance. She knows one or two clear things that will make your wedding turn perfect. And speaking of perfect, Lady Gaga’s fiancé has to be one of the best examples of men people have paid attention to. Earlier this year, Lady Gaga was invited by her lifelong BFFs inviting her to be a bridesmaid and she wasn’t hesitated to join. As you can see in the photo she was spotted in yet another lilac gown for her friend’s nuptials in New Orleans.


Byonce is another world well-known artist singer who is sexy in the ways she is wearing and performing. She has fans everywhere in the world. It simply means that her fame is spreading worldwide. Well, I hope you all still remember how horrible she was as a bridesmaid for her mother Tina Knowles’ wedding but on the contrary she was acting and wearing very nicely at BFF and fellow former Destiny’s Child mate Kelly Rowland’s wedding as the whole deal was beautiful. The photograph here as shot and share by The Queen B at a wedding. She look as glam as always in a classic way as not to draw attention.

                                       Pregnant Jessica

Another world famous celebrity Pregnant Jessica was present in her friend’s wedding in Palm Springs. Look how wonderful she was there. She was wearing printed maxi dress but this was not the thing that draws the attention. Jessica has been showing up in a series of wedding parties actually, to serve as a ‘maid for her sister, her assistant and many close friends. Look at her in the photograph. We can’t keep admiring her for her greatness and cheerfulness.

                      J. Law

J. Law is one of the world famous female celebrities whom we do admire as she is not just amazingly talented but also charmingly beautiful on earth. Oh, and she’s acting foolishly and klutzily just like us. She also proved to be the most gentle and softie one at her brother’s wedding. Check out how friendly and polite she is being with her brother. Here is one of J. Law photos taken and shared at her brother wedding.


                  Maura McManus

How wonderful it is if you are a fashion designer and you even have your own line of bridesmaid’s dresses. Er, and you are charming Lauren Conrad, you are going to be absolutely attractive in your your BFFs bridal party. And what’s extraordinarily amazing is that Maura McManus, co-founder of Paper Crown is her BFF. Look how astonishing they are at the wedding party. This is one of her photo taken at the wedding she served as a bridesmaid.

                 Sarah Jessica Parker
If you are one of the world famous fashion icon and women who plays for TV’s Carrie Bradshaw like Sarah Jessica Parker. How will you do when you are invited be your assistant’s bridesmaid during their wedding? Make sure that you are not going to look far more attractive than the bride so that people will not pay much attention to you but to the bride. We don’t know, but anyways SJP managed to do just that? She looks lovely and behaves well in this strapless, orchid-colored chiffon dress. Here is one of the photo Of SJP taking at her assistant’s wedding party.


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