Top Ten Celebrities That look Younger than Their Ages

Staying younger is the common concern of most celebrities. So to look younger, they have been going through a series of plastic surgeries and they spend a lot of money on beauty care. They think beauty is the key to keep them popular and it is the success of their career. But not all the celebrities are fear of getting old. Here are the 10 celebrities that look very younger than their ages.

                                  Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek is another charming girl who never grows old at all. You will easily fall in love with her beauty if you see at her even at the first time. Many people will easily be hypnotized by her beauty and wish to touch body. We can say that she is one of the women who is naturally beautiful from birth which means she still look beautiful without making any effort with the beauty care. Look at her photograph and guess how old is she. Well it must be hard for you but the answer is that Salma Hayek is literally 48 years old! If you have seen some recent pictures of her in a bikini, you will probably have a hard time believing it.

                     Gwen Stefani


Gwen Stefani is one of the famous celebrities around the world. Look at her photo. She looks charmingly beautiful. Can you guess how old is she? Well, it is hard to say but what we know is that she is very young. But in fact she is 45 years old which is surprising as nobody believe this. Her facial skin shows no aging brand and your body is spectacular. It looks better than girls half her age. What is the secret of keeping her beauty remain younger than her age. Way to go, girl!



Alyson is one of the most popular and well-known actors during the 90s and everyone was deeply in love with her when she made them laugh with the series Buffy – the Vampire Slayer. Presently, no one can act like this on TV. Later on she made another most famous show called “How I Met Your Mother.” She was not only cheerful, funny and talented but also one of the women who look far younger than her age. She may think that she is probably around 30 years old but her actual age is 40.

Seth Green


Seth Green is one of the men who stays younger than his age. His present appearance still looks the same to how he looked in the 90s when he was performing in a show. Look at one of his photograph. He looks very handsome right. He looks like a young teen but do you know what? He is literally 41 years old. You maybe surprised when hearing this right? But that is true he just know the secret of stopping aging. Some people say the secret of making him stay younger is his good humor.



Presently, most of the rap stars tend to be too young but it is very different for a charmingly beautiful Mia who went on a show in 2005 when she was 30 years old. Her first album did touch people’s heart and this is the key escalating her toward a great victory in her career as a singer. If she is not only beautiful and charming but she is also one of the talented singers having a sweet romantic voice. If you look at her photo graph you might think she is around 28 years old but she is obviously 40.

Jennifer Aniston



Jennifer Aniston doesn’t grow old at all she is the best fighter of anti-aging probably since she can keep herself young no matter how old her age rolling by but her appearance still look fit and sexy. She always possesses a youthful glow whenever she goes with whoever she is dating with. Now look at one of photograph and try to guess how old she is. I am sure that you will hardly tell her actual age. Well, she literally is 45 years olds. Are you surprised to hear about her age as it is very far different form her age?



Garfield is one of the talented and skillful actors who can rarely act as a high school boy despite that fact that he is not the school boy at all. Everyone must remember clearly about Peter Parker acting in one of the world famous movie called Spider –Man. Peter Parked was acted by Garfield and he has been doing a lot of more success in his career. He is now 31 years old but he still looks like a high school boy. Look at one of his photos. He is charmingly handsome that you, girls, can easily fall in his love

Elizabeth Banks



Elizabeth is one of the actresses who stays far younger than her age. If you look at her photograph you must find it is hard to tell how old exactly she is since her appearance still looks very young and sexy. Can you guess how old is she? Well, she is obviously 40 years old. This is unbelievable right? But however this is true. You might go to another question that what is the secret that Elizabeth has to keeps her young. From this story, we can say that age is just the figure. What important is how we can keep ourselves young and sexy.

     Rachel McAdams


I am sure that Rachel McAdams is deeply in your mind when she played the Queen B in the 2004 comedy, Mean Girls? When she was acting in that movie she was only 26 years old. Now look at her photograph and guess how old she is. You may not be able to find the changes in her charming appearance. Wee, she is currently 36 years olds but the age can do nothing with her beauty. She still looks fit, charming and sexy. She is currently filming the scenes of the second season of True Detective.



Parson is one of the skillful actors around the world and he was not very different from the other celebrities but what interesting thing is that he looks much, much younger than his actual age. He is the one who Sheldon Cooper on the hit series Big Bang Theory, looks to be about 26 years old, right? If you just look at his photograph, you will absolutely give the wrong answer relating to his age. Well, his exact age is 41 years old. Wow, you must be too surprised to hear this but this is true. This is what is called a baby face! Cannot wait to see how it will be in ten years – probably the will be little or no changes at all.





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