Very outstanding biggest coincidences

On unique demand, this special post was released when again which is everything about some stunning coincidences. Yes, everyone states that coincidences do occur . These ten coincidences can undoubtedly be entitled as the upper amongst the rest. This area features some coincidental stories like the similarities in between the president duo John F.

Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, a picture of freshly wedded couple when they did not satisfied each other and were still recorded in one frame, the story of a couple who just can not avoid seeing fear attacks wherever they go, a touching story of siblings who were long-lost and accidentally utilized to remain throughout the very same street etc. Go through the article and get enthralled . So look into lincoln jfk similarities you may need.
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This picture taken 19 years shows Aimee Maiden (circled left) and Nick Wheeler (circled right) at Mousehole beach, Cornwall. A couple browsing old family photo albums ahead of their wedding were shocked to find a picture of themselves playing together on a beach – as CHILDREN. See SWNS Story SWPHOTO. Teacher Aimee Maiden, 25, and her soldier husband Nick Wheeler, 26, had no idea their paths had crossed until they saw the grainy snap taken 20 years earlier. Aimee grew up in the tiny seaside village of Mousehole, Cornwall, and was a regular visitor to the beach – while Nick lived in KENT but just happened to be on holiday there. The two kids, Aimee aged five and Nick aged six, spent the day building sand castles just a few yards apart but their two families never met or spoke. Nick moved to Cornwall a year later but didn’t meet ‘soulmate’ Aimee again till they went to the same sixth form college and fell in love. But they knew nothing about their chance childhood meeting until they began going through old family photos at Nick’s grandparents’ house ahead of their engagement party last year. They came across the shot of Nick playing on the beach with his sister and cousins when shocked Aimee suddenly recognised herself in the background. 31 July 2014

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The couple that couldn’t get away from acts of terrorism

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17’s many coincidences

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