Very outstanding thunder down under toilet

here are various kinds of tales you might discover in your surrounding and among the most fascinating stories is the lightning strike. There are various tales you can discover around you. In any place you are, you can quickly deal with these fascinating events of lightning.

There are various kinds of lightning stories you might discover and you can face it at any time. If you are interested to learn about these various traits, you can have a look at the link and here you can get to discover various information of lightning strikes which will leave you shocked. So take a look at bolts hair and body immediately.
The entire soccer team who was killed after being struck by a lighting during a match

The man who survived being struck by bolt 7 times and then commits suicide. (Source)

The couple who was struck by lightning while they were having outdoor sex(Source)

The 13-year-old kid who was struck by lightning at 13:13 on a Friday the 13th (Source)

The biker who had his penis hit by lightning



The girl who survived a lightning strike after the wire of her iPod diverted 300,000 volts

The girl who was struck by lightning during a sunny day

The woman hit by lightning that exit from her bum(Source)

The girl who was zapped by lightning twice while in the shower

The diver who was killed after his tank was struck by lightning(Source)


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