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A Wyoming male was implicated of presenting online as his previous sweetheart and getting somebody to act out a violent sexual dream. The ad appeared on Craigslist in December 2009. ” Required a genuine aggressive guy without any issue for females,” was exactly what was noted on the page.
It was discovered that the partner organized the rape of her sweetheart. If this shocks you then checked out the rest of the list to get scarred for sure and your mind will be blown for sure about how weird individuals can be for sure.

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Jebidiah James Stipe: the ex boyfriend who used Craigslist to arrange woman’s rape
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Duane Lang: the HIV+ man who faked HIV test to get his girlfriend into bed

Graydon Smith: the man who made his pregnant girlfriend sign a contract allowing him to pound her
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Edtition Thompson: the man who impregnated girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter, faked his death, fled home state, and had his family hold fake funeral
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Jennifer’s boyfriend: the man who broke up with his girlfriend by leaving signs on a busy road

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David Simmons: the man who sent sex pictures of ex-girlfriend to her family as Christmas cards

Michael Vinson: the boyfriend who robbed his pregnant girlfriend for beer money
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Jacoby Smith: the boyfriend who beat up his armless, legless girlfriend in “self-defense”

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