Very simple adorable cute kittens

Daisy is among the prettiest kittycats from Japan whom you will definitely consider for cuddling . This kitty is really small in size and can fit well inside a soup bowl whose size of 10 mm. you will absolutely fall in love with these kitten images that are pointed out in the above link.

This kittycat is really small and you will definitely consider it to cuddle whenever you stumble upon this kitten . This kitten is found playing gracefully with the hats and over the keys of the piano and likewise with the clothing within the fruit baskets.

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Ben Torode’s Flickr page Via : mymodernmet
So look into the cutest kitten ever you always wanted.


Daisy starting off captivated by her reflection on the inside of the bowl and I was forced to make my customary slurping sound to attract her attention.


Those of you familiar with Japanese cuisine may recognize this standard Miso Soup bowl, which boasts a diameter of 10 cm at the rim.

A long Saturday and Miki was down for the count but I think Daisy was expecting a little more entertainment.


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