Very Special An Animal Story

If you are among them who are sympathetic for the animals and feel pleased by saving their lives then you can go through this link.

Here you will get to understand about some animals that were saved by some people when they were trapped in various harmful conditions. These real occurrences can make you shocked and psychological at the same time.

If you desire to know about these kind hearted individuals who have saved the lives of the animals then you can click on the above link. This link is not only amusing but can be a great lesson for you. So start searching for the donkey and the little dog story today. If you’re exploring for abused animal rescue, you have come on the right web page.
More info: Oddee

An abused rescue finds a home and wins the title of Worlds Ugliest DogSource
Man saves bear from drowning

“Half-dog” Pig becomes internet sensation

Facebook page. (Source)


A deformed chihuahua and rescued laboratory chicken become the best of friends
Facebook page | Source

An abandoned dog’s incredible transformation


A tiny chihuahua is rescued from the center divider of a busy freeway

An orphaned baby rhino is rescued after poachers slaughter his mother

Check out Gerjie’s live webcam for his daily exploits. (Source | Photo)


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