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After finishing his 36 task some weeks back, Pawel Kadysz immediately decided to do another one. The topic was everyday life problems of Darth Vader, portraying the Sith Lord, as a typical person and being a continuous task, it is upgraded with a new picture every single day. He plans to continue till the best of Episode VII and if he gets really linked, then for a whole year. He is utilizing a mirrorless Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark 1 with some M.Zuiko lenses together with an inexpensive amateur strobe. See this connect to check out exactly what it would be for a Darth Vader to lead a typical human life.
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Damn! Forgot half the stuff I was supposed to buy
My very first bathroom pic. It had to happen at some point

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What the hell?!

Big fan of Gordon Ramsay

Mrs. Doubtfire style


I might be dying. The Force is weak today

Quality time

Just a regular Monday morning


Getting back in shape

Just before an important meeting

The old days


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