What! A Black Burger From Burger King? You’ve heard right!Japan’s Burger Kings Sell Black Burgers

Some Japanese people may make surprisingly for us about their eating way in their life. For instance, this may be somehow and so new information for us about Japanese people. That is, they ate same old burger everyday associated with the same color and the same taste one.

Due to the traditional burger was getting a bit boring among mass and public, Burger King Japan has decided to make such new and new creative; that is, it is called burgers black. This is to say that it may be not strange among us, but also surprisingly around the world about new black burger in context of the burgers faced overweight of children and adult in following time.

More info: Facebook | burgerking.co.jp Via

Black Burgers Colored4 black-burger-king-japan-2 black-burger-king-japan-5 vumi9v2adfhepdcndzhn

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