Works of great artist Which explores the world of disaster caused by people through painting!

Greenpeace always leads its campaign to be aware of environment. That is, the question may ask that are there enough to offset the damage there does to environment?.

McCann World Group, the India branch, is ad industry giant. This company introduced the world recognized as the famous yin-yang symbol. That is, it represented duality and interdependence. Involved in this poster, it was way off balance the dark part of pollution and consumption almost blocking out the pure white of nature and greenery. There are three posters in the campaign, for instance, one for each sphere, environment i.e. land, water and air. Various means of environmental destruction are shown such as oil spills, nuclear testing, urbanization, whaling, over fishing and war. This show the slogan “Bring Back The Balance”.

During 40 years in Canada, Greenpeace has been well-known as environmental NGO. This NGO now is a global reach. It carries campaign to fight ecology and bio diversity, but it may be controversial direct action methods being been attracted criticism. Note that in India it is part of involved in one of the largest advertisement conglomerates in the world.

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